The things that you must not do when there is an earthquake



An earthquake is the shaking of the earth. It could be mild or it could be very strong. The strength of the earthquake will vary depending on the distance that you are from the epicenter of the quake. While a mild earthquake can last for a few seconds the stronger ones can last up to a few minutes and can cause immense loss of life and property.

Earthquakes are sudden natural disasters:

The difference between an earthquake and other natural disasters is that the other natural disasters like cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons can be predicted but the earthquake can happen without any early warning signs. Nevertheless, the geologists today have identified the different zones in the world which are prone to frequent seismic activity and to other zones which have lesser seismic activities.

What you should do if you live in a high seismic zone:

Earthquake survival trainers recommend that if you stay in a place which is notified to be in the high seismic zone then it is very important for every member of the family to have the complete knowledge of the things that are to be done and the things that must not ever be done during an earthquake and right after one.

This preparedness will ensure that you and other family members stay safe and injury-free during an earthquake and there is minimal loss of property and other things of value in your house.

Knowledge is empowerment:

The first step to handle the natural disaster successfully is to know the risks and the dangers associated with it. You will need to read as much as you can about the disaster and this you must do from a specialized person or an agency in this field of work. Find more information on bug out bags .

This is extremely important because there are a lot of myths associated with the things that you should do in times like this and reading generally from the internet or other social media may confuse you further as to the best course of action that you and your family must follow incase disaster strikes.

Preparing the kids and the elders to face the disaster:

Hold family safety drills:

The first concrete step that you need to take in your home will be to hold frequent safety drills. This is the most recommended pro action especially if you have children and older dependents in the family.

When a disaster strikes, there is not much time in hand to think and throw instructions to people about what they should do. When a earthquake safety drill is conducted often, the concept of running under cover and staying put till the shaking gets over is so ingrained in their minds that when the time comes for action, it is almost spontaneous.

Training to take cover:

The children especially must be told about all the places that they should take cover under and the places that they must in all circumstances avoid when the earthquake strikes. For instance, it must be driven to them that categorically they should avoid running outside the house because during a quake the exterior walls are the most affected and the first to give away.

Prepaing an emergency supply kit:

The best favour that you can do to yourself and to your family will be to prepare an earthquake emergency kit which will have to be kept handy and in a place that is very handy to grab and go once the earthquake strikes and stops.The emergency kit should ideally have the following items

A battery operated torch light;

Extra batteries;

First aid kit with basic medicines for common ailments like fever, stomach pain and nausea. It should have bandages and dressing material too. If there is any medicine that the older people in the family take then take those as well.A signal to attract attention for help;Face masks;Car keys;A mobile phone with charger and a data and a power bank;

Paper and pen. Paper and marker pen is particularly useful to write the word “HELP” in case there is any emergency;Last but not the least, Food and water to last a minimum of 72 hours. It is recommended to take at least one gallon of water for every person.

Have an alternate common contact outside the city and town:You must repeatedly tell the kids and other members of the family to contact a common relative who lives out of that town. He will be the central contact in case of any emergencies.

Help people who are worse affected:

This one is out of courtesy and the value of civilization. Once you are out of the catastrophe safely, try and reach out to someone in need and help them recover the damage that is caused to them.

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