Our Team


Let us all face the fact. When a disaster as undesirable as an earthquake strikes in any place at the global level, the people everywhere else are also so moved and touched that they try to chip in with the littlest that they can help with.In delicate times like this, food supply, water packets and other sanitary things come in by thousands and millions. The generosity of the people is time of emergency like this is very heart warming.

We are the best trained safety consultants and supervisors:

The need of the hour however, is safety experts who can help in the rescue operation. The above said professionals are the ones who will be trained specially in rescue of lives from the debris and rescuing lives from strangely high angles. An earthquake can bury a lot of people alive when they are crushed under the crashed building rubble. The survivors have a decent chance for survival only if the small air pockets within the rubble are not disturbed. This is because these small confined places have oxygen for their survival. The rescuer will have to take care to remove the rubble without disturbing the air pockets there.

Rope rescuing:

Mountainous and high terrain areas are famous for experiencing higher seismic activities and there is not much you can do to clear mountain rubble. But in places like this, we use ropes and harness to save victims from getting crushed under heavy boulders.

The risk is manifold after an earthquake:

There is immense amount of risk after an earthquake. There can be leakage of gases from homes as well as natural wells, chemicals stored in buildings and factories can spill and run through the city. Therefore, the team has to be dressed appropriately so that when they rescue other people in need they are also looking after them self with disaster proof protective clothing.

Rescue vehicles:

We have a wide range of rescue vehicles from inflatable boats to mountain jeeps to helicopter. Every time we do our job without thinking about the consequences because we believe good begets the best and what more nobler deed than saving a person’s life and helping him recover from the trauma .